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I Dreamed a Dream

May 28, 2010

Nick Jonas has just dropped another bombshell on his unsuspecting fandom.  He’s been hinting at something big in his twitter lately, and now we know what it is.  According to the Daily Mail, Nick is going to be taking the role of Marius for a three week London run of Les Miserables.

Say what? 

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So Long to Jemi & Bye-bye Demoe

May 24, 2010


Awwwww.  Joe and Demi broke up.  Or rather, decided to stop force feeding us the surrealationship.  Kind of surprising though, weren’t they supposed to do that after the tour/CD/movie happens?  That’s all still to come for Camp Rock 2. What gives?

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We Love Our Fans

May 22, 2010

Oh yeah.

“We Love Our Fans” is clearly the mantra these days for the Jonas Group.  Because if I’ve heard Nick Jonas say it once in the past month I’ve heard it 20 times.  And well he should love his fans, since the fans certainly love him and his brothers.  They picked up the tab on Nick’s solo venture and will likely turn out for the Disney Owns Jonas Brothers and Is Bankrolling Their World Tour 2010 In Order to Plug Camp Rock 2 tour.  Mayhap not in the great numbers of tours past, it remains to be seen if economics or attrition will affect the numbers of tickets sold.  But, the boys are leaving nothing to chance here; they want the fans to know that every dime they expect you to shell out is appreciated.  Operation Woo the Faithful is in full swing.

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What a Man Should Be

May 16, 2010

The Jonas Brothers did a press interview recently.  The interview is fairly typical (we’re blessed to do what we do, we love our fans, etc.) though it does include an interesting conversation about how Nick “would rule” Celebrity Apprentice if he were on it, though the reasons given aren’t terribly compelling.  If anyone is interested, the entire interview’s transcript is here.  But what stood out to me are two moments, which I’ll quote after a jump:

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It’s SOOOO On…

May 3, 2010


I was excited to see the trailer for Camp Rock 2 when it premiered on Sunday, May 1, a mere Four (!) Months before the air date of the movie, which is September 3.  And may I say, it did not disappoint.  Not only did it cause me to resurrect Coolmom’s Cringe-O-Meter, a device I created to quantify the level of embarrassment caused by cheesy entertainment (see Sidebar for complete guide), but it exceeded even my wildest hopes in terms of potential Badness So Bad as to Be Great.  Going out on a limb, I’m going to rank Camp Rock 2 as a solid 5 on the meter, based simply on what I saw in the trailer.  But really, given how Bad the first Camp Rock was, the sky’s the limit here.

You’ll see what I mean after the jump…

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Ridin’ On the Gravy Train

April 30, 2010

Vindication is sweet.  Or in this case bittersweet with an emphasis on the bitter, because I’m not savoring the taste of this correct call that I made way back when Nick Jonas went solo.  At that time, I predicted that the Jonas Brothers, either as a band or as a brand, would never again be anything but a means to a Disney/Jonas Group moneymaking end.  I sensed it, my gut told me it was coming, and I hated it. And what do you know, here we are.

Lots more to say after the jump…

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Good News, I’ve Got Good News

April 4, 2010

So the Jonas Brothers and I both went to church today.  I went to my home church and I also tuned in online to Saddleback Church’s (the author of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren’s Southern California mega-church) Easter service from Angel’s Stadium, at which the Jonas Brothers were guests.  I was intrigued when I heard they were playing.  Lots of kids will go anywhere to hear the Jonas Brothers do almost anything, and they have to bring a parent or two.  Ergo, lots of people to hear the Easter Message.  I’m down with that, I’m a believer myself and though Pastor Warren is a little too Evangelical for my theological taste (I’m a Presbyterian) I’m always happy when people who might not otherwise hear the Good News have an opportunity to do so.  That’s something that can happen on Easter, and it’s great when it does.

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